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Field Support Specialist

The Field Support Specialist is responsible for supporting all branches, accounts receivable, and billing. Along, with establishing and maintain other vendors and MSP’s. Responsibilities 1.) Training branches, Onsites/Workforce Managers on internal systems and external systems ie. MSP systems. 2.) Collect, enter, and update all MSP accounts, time, expenses, or any other expenditure. 3.) Work with MSP accounts to collect overdue payments and maintain standings. 4.) Perform daily, weekly, and monthly audits on MSP accounts.


· Training all Branches, Onsite/Workforce Managers on internal systems and duties, along with training all Branches on external systems (MSP Software)

· Attend weekly conference calls with vendors and MSP.

· Research missing/incorrect time in MSP software to dispute or resolve so that time can be entered.

· Enter missing/incorrect time in MSP software so that the account can be brought current.

· Contact and work with MSP to set up accounts correctly. Issue user name and passwords for MSP accounts to branches that will be using the new MSP.

· Handle incoming calls from office needing help with MSP, order entry, creating orders, general questions, or a sound board for the offices.

· Send weekly audits to the offices that have MSP accounts, Missing items that have not been uploaded in to the MSP accounts.

· Research Avionte for missing items that are needed for Audit, Missing Hours, and Missing items for Audit.

· Contact, Establish, and Send out request to office to attend Training calls with MSP.

· Work Directly with several customers, being the Point of Contact for any and all issues the customer may have. Set up follow up meetings with offices and the local customer for certain locations.

· Travel to offices or onsite locations to provide additional training.

· Assist with accounts receivable, sending invoices, doing collections calls.

· Research closed accounts, analyze markups, profit, make decisions on whether we should regain the business.

· Make phone calls to the researched closed accounts and set up appointments, as well as offer our services.

· Provide offices and updated documents about their MSP account, establish quick references on how to.

· Send out daily open orders to the offices that need filled.

SECONDARY FUNCTIONS (Optional section):

· Backup Offices that you are working out of. Assist with processing associates, answering phones, and emails to customers.


· Worked as a District Manager, Branch Manager, or Senior Staffing Specialist

· 3 years’ experience working with internal systems.

· Ability to access areas where needed people, information or equipment are located

· Ability to understand and accurately apply basic math skills

· Proficiency with Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and Internet

· Ability to make competent use of work related equipment and materials

· Ability to remember information (e.g., policies, procedures) or locate resources to find information as needed

· Ability to travel to various locations (e.g., customer sites, other company offices) as needed

· Ability to communicate effectively and tactfully with others

· Ability to work with other team members as well as independently

· Ability to shift back and forth between two or more tasks

· Cooperative, team-oriented, patient, calm under pressure

· Ability to arrange things in certain order (e.g., alphabetically, numerically)

· Ability to produce results within an autonomous environment, within company guidelines and have the flexibility to identify and respond to changes in priorities

· Strong written and verbal communication skills

· Ability to provide excellent customer service to all clients (customers and employees)

· Ability to advise, counsel, guide and influence the opinions and decisions of others (e.g. customers and employees)

· Ability to analyze and evaluate people, data and things to determine courses of action

· Previous business development experience including developing sales strategies, conducting cold calls, making sales presentations, closing techniques and developing service and pricing proposals (also include in sales positions)

· Ability to demonstrate success working in a fast-paced, highly competitive, deadline-oriented environment (also include in sales positions)

· Self-motivated with exhibited sense of urgency in all sales and service related activity

· Exceptional communication, presentation, follow-up, negotiation, and closing skills. Strong emphasis on listening skills (also include in sales positions)

· Ability to develop teams and work effectively in team environments

· Strong leadership skills, initiative and creativity with the ability to identify and convey successful techniques and approaches (also include in sales positions)

· Ability to develop the professional skills of employees

If interested please apply.

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