Protect yourself from fraudulent job postings

We understand that employment scams are on the rise.
Your privacy and security are very important to us.

Information Regarding Fraud:

Job applicants should be aware of job offer scams perpetrated through the use of the Internet and social media platforms. The scammers frequently misappropriate and use a company’s logo and photos of its executives to give the appearance of legitimacy. The scam preys upon those seeking employment, and uses false fraudulent offers of employment to steal from the victims.
We are aware of a few social media posts that have attempted to impersonate SURGE Staffing and its team members. These posts have tried to advertise fraudulent job postings using spoofed domain names and email accounts. SURGE Staffing is concerned that candidates may mistakenly rely on information in these posts while looking for job openings. Please be aware that these social media posts and their related accounts are not in any way affiliated with SURGE Staffing.

Signs of a legitimate SURGE job posting:

  • All recruitment emails will come from our official email accounts that end with
    We will never contact you using a Gmail, Yahoo, or other personal email account.
  • You may be contacted via SMS text message if you have opted in via our website.
  • No applicant for employment with SURGE Staffing is ever required to use a personal bank account to transfer money as part of the job application or hiring process. You do not have to pay to apply for a job with SURGE.
  • We do not collect sensitive information from our candidates through insecure/non-encrypted texts, emails, or social media platforms.
  • We will not ask to contact other companies/individuals that you’re connected to (e.g., lawyers, bank officials, travel agencies, credit card information, courier companies, visa/immigration processing agencies).
  • We will never request that you purchase gift cards, or any product or service.
  • We will never make payments via cryptocurrency.

What to do if you suspect fraud:

If you think that you may have disclosed your personal or account information in error, or that you have been a victim of fraudulent activity, we recommend you take the following actions:

  • Report the activity to the Internet Crime Complaint Center at
  • Report the activity to the SURGE Staffing Cyber Security team at
  • Contact your financial institution immediately upon discovering any fraudulent or suspicious activity and direct them to stop or reverse the transactions.

Additional Information:

We encourage you to review the additional resources below and report the activity to the Federal Trade Commission:

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