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5 Ways to Boost Safety Standards in Light Industrial Workspaces

In an environment where activities range from warehousing and manufacturing to food production, maintaining a safe and healthy worksite is a regulatory mandate and a moral imperative benefiting your light industrial workforce and the public.

Your emphasis on safety standards likely increases when you welcome new temporary or seasonal employees assigned by your workforce manager to your site. A robust safety standard becomes exponentially more crucial.

Please keep reading to discover our top five actionable strategies to enhance safety at your light industrial manufacturing worksite.

Offer Comprehensive Safety Training

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Ensure that every employee undergoes detailed safety training according to their specific role. Incorporate multimedia tools, hands-on exercises, and regular refreshers. With a workforce solutions manager in your corner, you can rely on free training opportunities to keep safety protocols fresh in everyone’s mind. Engage employees using interactive training modules and real-world scenarios highlighting the importance of safety in daily operations.

Conduct Regular Safety Audits

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Conduct thorough and regular safety audits to identify potential hazards and non-compliance issues that would prove costly if left unchecked. Use the audits to engage employees, understand their concerns, and improve safety measures. Audit results should be transparent and lead to immediate action to remedy any issues uncovered.

Provide Quality Personal Protective Equipment

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Invest in high-quality personal protective equipment (PPE) that meets or exceeds industry standards. Train staff on the correct use of PPE and ensure it is always readily available. Regular checks for wear and tear and a straightforward replacement process are vital to ongoing protection for your team.

Focus on Ergonomics and Workspace Design

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Integrating ergonomics into your light industrial workspace is about creating a work environment that adapts to the physical needs of your employees, thereby improving their safety, comfort, and productivity. By fitting the approach and tools for managing tasks to benefit your workforce rather than forcing the workers to fit into a rigid and potentially harmful work environment, you can optimize lean processes, enhance quality control, ensure employee well-being, and increase productivity and profitability.

Develop a Culture of Safety

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Foster an environment where safety is everyone's responsibility. Encourage employees to report hazards without fear of negative consequences. Take it further and celebrate successes in improving safety. Continuous dialogue, shared responsibilities, and positive reinforcement can help cultivate a strong safety culture.

Surge Helps Ensure a Safe Workplace Environment

At Surge, we value workplace safety and understand its significance in creating and maintaining a productive work environment. Our workforce management experts collaborate closely with each client to tailor a safety program that addresses the unique challenges of your light industrial operations.

Here’s how we make a difference for you:

  • Working with Our Clients. We partner with you to determine the specific risks in your workplace and develop customized safety plans.
  • Safety Audits. During each comprehensive safety audit at your requested frequency, we identify potential health and safety hazards and offer actionable recommendations to prevent and mitigate risks. We ensure we work within OSHA’s requirements and regulations and your internal safety procedures and policies.
  • Spot Checks. Random spot checks are a tool we utilize to help you maintain a constant state of safety preparedness and compliance to reinforce a safety culture for and among your workforce.
  • Walkthroughs. Our workplace safety experts perform regular walkthroughs of your facilities, offering instant feedback and assisting in correcting any issues immediately.
  • Training Evaluations. Our team evaluates the effectiveness and updates of your current safety training programs before suggesting improvements.
  • Custom Training Programs. Based on the requirements in light industrial, we create customized training modules, addressing specific risks and promoting best safety practices.
  • Compliance Evaluation and Audit. Our workforce safety experts monitor all relevant regulations, policies, and standards to help you easily navigate the complex world of compliance. This critical step protects your business by minimizing risks and promoting a culture of safety.

Our Surge team is passionate about supporting your business. Whether you need customized workforce solutions or innovative training ideas, we ensure your company thrives in productivity and safety.

Contact us to discover our full range of workforce solutions developed to ensure the safety of your workplace and enhance efficiency.

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