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National Technology Day 2024

Surge Balances Technology and the Human Connection

Celebrating National Technology Day reminds us of technology's profound influence on our daily lives. Technology has become interwoven into much of our existence, revolutionizing communication, transforming industries, and reshaping personal connections.

AI has taken the mainstream by storm since late autumn 2022. It has sparked discussions ranging from fascination to fear, as opinions vary on its potential impact and the extent to which it will shape our future.

The Future Workplace: A World Where Humans and AI-Driven Tools Work Together

We understand people's concerns regarding AI, but it is like any other tool that employers, staffing agencies, and employees use for all our daily tasks.

Computers and the internet caused disruption and anxiety when they were introduced to the mainstream. But look at how much easier they have made our lives, from work and hobbies to gaming. Moreover, computers and the internet are sub-disciplines of AI, solving complex problems and helping us make decisions.

At Surge, we are excited about how AI can help us work more efficiently and effectively to serve our clients and employees.

Embracing AI Tools to Deliver Value to Our Business and Workforce Partners

While predictions about AI's impact on the job market may raise eyebrows, reports indicate that AI's influence may not be as dire as once anticipated. Only a tiny percentage (4%) of businesses report significant job displacement due to AI, highlighting its potential to streamline processes and foster meaningful human connections.

Despite concerns about AI replacing human jobs, we should recognize that AI still requires human interaction—and, more importantly, connection—to operate effectively.

At Surge, we embrace workforce solutions-focused AI tools—whether adopting or building—because they give us more time to create and nurture genuine human interactions. With this philosophy, we firmly believe that technology stands to enhance and elevate rather than replace humanity.

Our Go-To AI Tools Useful in Workforce Solutions

We have developed the following AI tools we rely on daily to help us achieve our specific goals in serving our clients and employees.

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Employee Engagement App

Our mobile app streamlines our employee intake process, making the application and onboarding processes much more accessible and easier for our employees.

Here are some must-know details about our employee engagement app:

  • Geofencing: This feature utilizes time capturing to trigger push notifications to reach out to employees who have not yet registered with Surge.
  • Onboarding: From forms and documents on I-9 and E-Verify to job descriptions and safety training, the app has it all covered.
  • Testing and Training: Applicants can use the app to conduct aptitude tests, training, and more.
  • Client Portal: The portal lets them track time, attendance, and more.

The app doesn’t replace everything, as managers can still text employees, and employees need to conduct in-person interviews on-site. These in-person interactions, supported by our AI technology, help our on-site teams build connections within their community and find qualified employees for our clients.

Online Skills Training

We are thrilled to offer our employees long tail learning opportunities with e-skilling or upskilling courses. Providing an extensive library of free online skills training opportunities empowers our employees to learn and grow professionally during their tenure with Surge.

With our focus on e-skilling, our employees don’t need to fear AI taking their jobs when they can continue to learn new skills to keep pace with technology. Once our employees have completed their first 90 days on an assignment, they are welcome to start signing up for and completing these enriching courses to keep advancing in our rapidly changing world.

Further, we can work with an ever-growing range of clients to serve their needs as their businesses grow and evolve with technology.

Here are some free skills training areas and specific classes we offer to empower our employees:

  • Sales icon

    Sales: Always Be Closing, Effective Listening, and Customer Marketing

  • Office icon

    Office: Office 365 Basic, including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, and Organization for Efficiency

  • Technology icon

    Technology: Access and Learn: Cybersecurity 1.0, Cybersecurity Overview 3.0, and A New Way to Train Employees

  • Leadership icon

    Leadership: Become an Effective Leaders (Series), Inspirational Leadership, Leadership and Management (Series), and Performance and Feedback Coaching

Additional Technologies We Use to Serve Our Partners

We are quick to embrace any technology that helps us serve our clients and employees more effectively, including the following to varying degrees:

  • Resume optimization
  • Job matching
  • Interview preparation
  • Bias detection and mitigation
  • Accessibility accommodations
  • Resume filters
  • Virtual interviews
  • Candidate screening
  • Chatbots
  • Resume parsers
  • Virtual interviews
  • Interview analysis
  • AI chat tools for correspondence and job descriptions
  • Chatbots
  • Bias removal
  • Predictive analytics

Ensuring Adaptability Through Frequently Updated Skills Training

The skills gap may seem insurmountable, as filling roles in advanced positions requires higher education and training. However, trends continue in that direction, and we want to prepare our workforce to thrive in that new reality.

Our commitment to weaving the vital human connection to technology will ensure our combined success.

We continually add new skills to our learning center to empower our workforce with professional growth and increasing information to navigate our quickly changing world.

The Surge Difference: Using AI to Empower Our Partners

At Surge, we leverage technology to facilitate meaningful communication and collaboration among our employees and client partners. From intake apps to free skills training and beyond, we utilize AI tools to enhance our services while prioritizing empathy and understanding.

On this National Technology Day, let's embrace a harmonious future where technology and human connection coexist. Join us in shaping a more connected world where innovation enriches our lives rather than overshadows our humanity.

Happy Technology Day!

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