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6 Benefits of Partnering with a Workforce Solutions Expert

Scaling your growing business may cause you mixed emotions. It is an exhilarating time, but uncertainty and stress are also present.

You may need to learn precisely when or how to grow your team. Waiting feels risky, and hiring is challenging and time-consuming.

You might not have an official HR team yet, so how do you add new staff in such uncharted territory?

But there are times when you need a few additional hands on deck to maintain peak productivity and ease stress, enabling your company to reach the next level and beyond.

According to a January 2023 editorial post from Brian Wallace at CMS Wire:

Many small business owners take complete responsibility for nearly every aspect of their business. Over 70% of business owners are directly responsible for sales, client management, hiring/onboarding and team performance. All at the same time.

That is a lot to ask of one person or even a small team.

Perhaps you have considered contacting a workforce solution agency but were unsure what to expect or if it would be worth it.

We want to share six benefits of partnering with a workforce solution agency that will quickly and substantially improve your company's growth.

Opportunity to Save Money and Other Resources

When you start tallying your budget, hiring temporary employees costs significantly less than hiring full-time, permanent employees. The entire hiring process and all it entails, such as administrative tasks, onboarding, and health insurance, is expensive.

Add in the risk of turnover of a full-time employee, and you soon realize it’s better to spare yourself the potential additional costs of returning to the hiring process drawing board.

Eased Staffing Burdens, Improved Efficiency

A workforce solutions partner can quickly fill positions with qualified candidates, minimizing downtime and maintaining productivity. They handle most of the recruitment process, including sourcing talent and conducting initial interviews and screenings. All this frees up your time and resources so you can focus on your core business activities. The streamlined employee acquisition approach can significantly boost your operational efficiency, ensuring you always have the workforce to meet and exceed demand.

Access to a Pool of Well-Vetted, Industry-Specific Talent

Workforce managers specialize in sourcing talent across various industries and have a vast pool of pre-screened candidates instantly available. This means you get access to a diverse range of skilled workers who can meet your project's or operations’ specific requirements, ensuring that the talent you bring on board is qualified and a good fit for your company culture.

Flexible Work Arrangements

With the help of a workforce solution company, you can adapt to market demands and scale your workforce up or down without the long-term commitment of a full-time hire. This flexibility is crucial for managing seasonal peaks, special projects, or unexpected client demands, enabling your business to remain agile and responsive in a dynamic market environment.

Lowered Administrative Investment and Cost

Partnering with a workforce solutions provider means they take on the responsibilities and liabilities associated with employee matters. Their administrative tasks include payroll processing, tax withholding, workers' compensation, and unemployment benefits. This reduces your administrative burden and the costs associated with these processes, allowing you to allocate your executive budget more effectively.

Measured Employee Performance with Data Analytics

The right workforce management team will have the right technological tools to fulfill your needs. One crucial tool that the best workforce solutions providers use daily is the data generated for each employee. This can include performance metrics, attendance records, and other valuable KPIs for assessing employee contributions and making informed staffing decisions.

Partner with Surge to Provide These Benefits and More

At Surge, we are laser-focused on helping businesses like yours grow and thrive at every phase by filling temporary, temporary-to-hire, contract, and direct-hire roles with the right talent.

Contact us to learn more, or visit our locations page to find an office near you.

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